Business Analysis


BMB partners with clients as a trusted team member. We know your industry; we can analyze your current marketing and sales efforts, and give you real-time suggestions and provide connections that can accelerate the growth of your business. We can help you develop the strategy to provide for the continued planned growth of your company.


Strategic Marketing


After development of a marketplace strategy it is imperative to begin planning that insures a consistent approach to offering your product and/or service in a way that will get you noticed. BMB will help you develop and implement a winning strategy.


Proposal Writing


BMB will provide proposal support on an as needed basis. Our proposal writing team has the experience to perform a variety of services ranging from drafting content to final review.


Contract Management


Not only can we help with your business development, capture, and proposal development/production efforts, we can also help you manage your contracts when you win them. We help you demonstrate and gain significant value from your business investments.


Customer Relations Management


We will assess customer needs and generate sales leads through more personalized service. We will develop relationship strategies and programs that produce business value and favorable customer experiences. We will monitor customer satisfaction and recommend approaches to better serve your customers.

Where to Find Us:


BMB LoGical Connection

1570 The Boardwalk

Huntsville, AL 35816

Phone: (256) 444-2628

             (256) 536-7000


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